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Replicant said:

What I've been noticing these past few years is that Nintendo-related content has been taking up more and more space on VGC. I remember the first time I became aware of it was back in 2016 where every Nintendo fan and his mom were making duplicate threads about Switch and BotW rumors.

While that in itself is perfectly fine and somewhat natural considering how awesome the Switch and its games are doing, I think that it limits the potential and appeal of the site. People dropping by searching for PC/PS/XB-related content won't necessarily stick around for long.

You could say that a solution would be for people to start making more varied threads but I simply don't think that VGC has the number of PC/PS/XB-leaning users required to create and nurture such threads. It had 3-4 years ago but not anymore.

As of this writing, only 2 out of 14 "Hot topics" (VGC's bread and butter) are related to PC/PS/XB. The rest are made up of 6 Nintendo-related threads, 3 NSFW, 1 political, 1 movie and 1 general thread.


Maybe I should start making Xbox threads again...and TV Shows.

JRPGfan said:
Zuhyc said:
Why should people still visit this site when it's main product (sales charts) are no longer provided?

Either VGC will have to drastically reinvent itself, or it will die a slow death, which would be a shame. But if I'm correct the owner doesn't really care anymore, so that's not so good.

This forum can offer more than just sales charts though.
Its as good a place as any for topics related to gameing, news, reviews ect.

We need to be super carefull with bans though, like retention of users is more important now than ever.
Once too few users are makeing use of it, it ll snowball, and vise versa.

Im with you though, I'd rather see VGCs try to reinvent itself, than slowly fade away.

Does VGCs have a offical youtube channel? where reviews, or bits of news could be released as well?
And it could all have links, leading back to these forums?
Maybe a Twitter? I wouldnt want to try running it, but if someone is up for it, it could be a way to garner new attention, and users.

No Youtube channel, it does have a Twitter though if anyone wants to follow it: https://twitter.com/VGChartz