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Replicant said:

What I've been noticing these past few years is that Nintendo-related content has been taking up more and more space on VGC. I remember the first time I became aware of it was back in 2016 where every Nintendo fan and his mom were making duplicate threads about Switch and BotW rumors.

While that in itself is perfectly fine and somewhat natural considering how awesome the Switch and its games are doing, I think that it limits the potential and appeal of the site. People dropping by searching for PC/PS/XB-related content won't necessarily stick around for long.

You could say that a solution would be for people to start making more varied threads but I simply don't think that VGC has the number of PC/PS/XB-leaning users required to create and nurture such threads. It had 3-4 years ago but not anymore.

As of this writing, only 2 out of 14 "Hot topics" (VGC's bread and butter) are related to PC/PS/XB. The rest are made up of 6 Nintendo-related threads, 3 NSFW, 1 political, 1 movie and 1 general thread.


This site has been mostly a Nintendo fans place since it started.

Back in 2013/2014 it had its last users surge with the 8th gen start, but also a massive leave since mid 2014 too from XBOX fans due to this gen sales disparity.

After a while PS4 was the only hot stuff and PS fans were somewhat rivaling Nintendo fans, but it didn't take long for a good bunch to leave for other sites too, like VizionEck. Then Nintendo fans became completely dominant in numbers again, but it was with the NX rumors that they started to become more active and showing clearly how many more of them are around here.

Now with the success of the Switch it's all about Nintendo again, but even so, a lot of the Nintendo fanbase has also already left too.

What remained of VGC is actually some of the better users that are sadly not that active anymore.

This site was REALLY toxic back in the time I joined and for some years too, you should remember it, and if the toxicity going way made the site became a small community, it seems fine to me.

It may be kinda boring now but it's a decent place to come by sometimes, tho. (I don't do involve myself into long political discussions tho, so the toxicity may still be there and I just don't involve myself with it anymore)

Buuuut, we are about to have a new generation, it's going to bring a bunch of new users here that will get interested in a new consoles battle for dominance... and certainly have some new troublemakers and some old coming back too. It'll get more lively for sure, just dunno if in a good way.

I miss some people, tho.