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1. Proper Fit style game - a full experience, not the pieces they have been giving like Ring Fit and Rhythm Boxing.
2. More classic RPG ports: Xenogears, Terranigma, Skies of Arcadia, Suikoden 1 and 2, Lunar SSS and EB, Xenoblade Chronicles X, etc...
3. Earthbound 64 - FINISH IT! (and not like Mortal Kombat finishing).
4. Ogre Battle style RPG since Square pretty much bought and killed Ogre Battle as a franchise and series.
5. There are some games that got remade that are not as good as their classic originals: Duck Tales NES which got remade and somehow lost all the charm of the original (and the backgrounds interfered visually with the foreground, Turtles in Time, those games! While we’re on TMNT: The Arcade Game, and TMNT3.

In terms of genres: Proper motion games and party games (like Warioware Smooth Moves, Guitar Hero, or a Just Dance game like the original trilogy, and not the last several which are 2-3 notable songs + 60 weird songs no one has heard before).
The other I’d like to see is grand strategy, although I don’t know if modern grand strategy can work on consoles: can you imagine playing Crusader Kings 2 with a controller? I can conceive of it on a touch screen, but even then there would be like 50 elements on the screen at a given time.
Otherwise, I think Switch is fairly good genre-wise.

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