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morenoingrato said:
Also, I wonder what my percentage of agreement is with Trump.
I have to give him credit for recognizing Venezuela's Guaido and pushing for him, but I can't think of anything else.
His tax cuts were fiscally irresponsible and gave nonsensical breaks to the ultra-rich, he is really bad for tech, bad for long-term growth. Besides Venezuela, his foreign policy blows. He dislikes traditional media.
I guess you could argue there might be some overlap in law enforcement, but that's a hard sell considering he is a borderline criminal.
So ~5%?
Regardless, thanks to Trump and McConnell, I'm ultra partisan. I'd choose a Dem I despise (the Squad) over a good, rational Republican (Murkowski) any day of the week.

He only supported Guaido because his opposition was socialist, and thus supporting him gave Trump the ability to sell a cold war nostalgia of triumphant capitalism to his base. He didn't actually care whether the country's democracy was in danger or not. The best way to think of Trump is that a stopped clock is right twice a day. When Trump is right, it's usually for the wrong reasons, or he finds a way to ruin it some other way. So I'd say then it'd be fair to say that like a stopped clock, which I'd agree with for 2 seconds of each day, I agree with Trump 2/86400 or 0.0023% of the time.

You support wings of the Dems you dislike over parts of the Republicans you don't hate because no matter the Republican, they're part of a horrifically corrupt political apparatus, as opposed to the Dems who, from the Blue Dogs to the Squad, all fundamentally support the values of democracy that America stands for. The Democratic Party is the only party that is democratic. The Republican Party genuinely wants the US to be a non-democratic republic.

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