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hunter_alien said:

Xbox games are basically free games with GamePass so I don't know why you keep comparing them to this. Crackdown 3 launched with both SP and MP modes and SoTs offers all its future content free at no extra costs. But if you want to compare than Gears 5 just released with both an amazing SP and MP modes with amazing visuals at launch at no extra cost. The Coalition didn't say to Gears fans to wait for either the SP or MP modes until next year or 2 and possibly charge the same customer twice. That is no different to how Destiny butchered there own game by splitting the game up into 3 expansions and expect the customer to buy the game another 3 times or a Season Pass. 

1. Yes they are, and the level of quality is roughly on the same level as most free to play games.

2.  Luckily the quality bar is set a bit higher for Sony first-party AAA releases than what something like Gears 5 can offer, so no, the comparison would not be fair It might stand toe-to-toe with something like Day's Gone but let's not kid ourselves, they are NOT on the same level as Naughty Dog. 

Oh boy haha. So you are saying games like Gears of War and Forza have the same level of quality as free to play games?