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Barkley said:
LudicrousSpeed said:

The reason this forum has went to complete shit in a nutshell, right here in one post LOL

Console warz are adorable 

gamers lean towards multiplayer over singleplayer

Fixed that for you 👍

Theres a thread on the first page here where you yourself posted a chart showing the top selling PS4 games in the US and it was dominated by games with heavy MP influence. GTA, CoD, Battlefield, Red Dead, same shit sells on both platforms. People prefer MP. Where Sony and MS differ is Sony has always had more studios and they have studios that make SP games. MS only remedied this situation recently and the results won’t be seen until next gen really.

That of course ignores the fact that we’re in a thread discussing how Naughty Dog apparently thinks the MP in LoU2 is such a big deal that it deserves a stand alone release or a DLC. So I guess they must think there are a lot of people who think like me that own PS4’s? Otherwise why bother with a special release. 

But logic doesn’t apply when you’re trying to make console war zingers. Carry on.