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BACKGROUND: I am looking at the rules

" Pornographic or egregiously NSFW content (exposed genitalia, bared buttocks, and/or female nipple/areola) is never allowed anywhere on the site (including links to said content), and the posting of such content will be treated as a very serious offense."

QUESTION: I am asking what it means by egregiously NSFW content, is all nudity of any sort banned? What about partial nudity? I know there is a difference in English culture about nudity, but what of partial nudity? Such as a little bit of butt cheek?

Anyway, a specific example is the topic of "Porking" in the NSFW forum and the definition of the term as a sexual act.

I feel the thread would strongly benefit from a specific youtube clip from the classic 1972 film Deliverance. It is undoubtedly NSFW, but is it TOO NSFW for the NSFW forum? The scene "Squeal like a pig" is well known in film circles. It also does not break any of the specifically listed rules detailed above, but I don't want to leave it up to chance. I would like the moderators to weigh in on this before I make the post.

TL;DR: Can I post the "Squeal like a pig!" youtube clip from the 1972 film Deliverance in the "What is Porking?" thread in the NSFW forum?

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