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goopy20 said:
Chazore said:

That's a shame. I've been able to find a plethora of games that have been taking advantage of my hw, especially PC games that make proper use of my CPU and GPU.

You should try looking again sometime, or if not, sell the rig.

Could you name me some games that are really a big step up from anything on ps4 pro? Maybe I'm missing something but I haven't seen any pc (exclusive) game that looks as impressive as some of the ps4 exclusives like GOW.

And I do have to agree with the whole coding to the metal thing. It's not that consoles will ever be as powerful as the latest gaming rig when you just look at the compute numbers. However, when games are made to squeeze every bit of processing power out of a console to run at a locked 1080p 30fps, it will look and play better than any game that's designed to run and play at the lowest pc specs in 4k 60fps. That's the beauty of consoles and I personally think it would be a shame if the next gen console games will all be designed from the ground up to run at 4k 60fps. I would much rather see bigger, more complicated level design and an overall increase in visual fidelity than native 4k, which a lot of people won't even notice unless they sit 2 feet away from their tv.  

I don't think that's really a metric to compare against. PC still has Crysis, which would still to this day, melt a PS4P itself.

I myself have been playing Hunt Showdown for some months, and to me it looks visually stunning, while also making good use of directive sound.

You'd have to take up that discussion with Pemalite, because he knows that bit better when it comes to optimisation than a few console only folks here (who take in a few articles and some jargon like "to the metal".

Next gen systems will try to run at what they try to advertise, but that doesn't always mean that they'll stick to it 100% of the time (Hence why I find some hypocrisy in that beauty you speak of, because if I see it on the tin can, it better be doing that 100% throughout the generation).

As for myself, I wish to see improvements made to AI, as well as 4kres textures, and not just those we find on the NPC's/Weapons.