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very nice piece of kit you got yourself there, I'm loving the speed that decent powered PC's coupled with Windows 10 can get to a usable state, I was so used to my old Core2Quad for years that I still have a habit of walking passed my PC and hitting the power button before boiling the kettle to make a tea to sit down and use the PC with.... even though if I turn on either of my machines now they're at the login screen before I can get my ass into the seat nevermind boiling a kettle lol.

Price of standard SSD's and M2 drives right now really means there is no excuse for anyone using a mechanical drive as their boot drive in a PC imo, even the slimmest PC budget should be able to afford one of the kingston 240GB SSD's for the OS and program files and they cost what... 20e or so? IMO boot drive and where you store your commonly used programs should always be on an SSD in 2019 it is one of the most important and quality of life upgrades you can get a PC for so little money.

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