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The_Liquid_Laser said:
Ganoncrotch said:

While not part of the system BIOS almost every officially licensed megadrive game starts off with a license screen from Sega, it was my first system which effectively had a boot screen.


As for the "CDs invented boot screens" no, game boy most certainly didn't run on CDs 

Heh, for some reason I forgot the classic "SE-GAAAAA".  I kept thinking about this X-Men Genesis game where it not only skips the any startup sequence, but the gameplay also starts immediately without a "press start" screen either.

Anyway, I want to amend my answer then to simply say NES is the best start screen.  Press power and just start playing Mario or whatever.  Startup sequences really suck.

Xmen 2 Clone wars is the game you're thinking of... Love the Megadrive so much.

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