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HollyGamer said:
Vodacixi said:

So, you're comparing two NEW open world games that have to go a full development cycle AND a 30 hours expansion WHILE helping with Breath of the Wild... with a single remake of a relatively small section of the original game (yeah, it has been expanded, no shit Sherlock)... which can save tons of time in conceptual designs, story, characters and composing music by working on the original game work? LOL

Don't compare Xenoblade 2 quality with Final Fantasy 7  and Final 7 Remake. Even Xenoblade 1 cannot be compared to final fantasy 10  in terms of quality and sales. 

On top of that making a remake is much more difficult rather then making new games. Please try your best argument again. 

This is my final comment in this thread. Want to compare? Then Xenogears vs FFVII, Xenosaga vs FFX, Xenosaga III vs FFXII, Xenoblade vs FFXIII, Xenoblade X vs FFXV, now wait till XC2 vs FFXVII, they are same gen.

HollyGamer said:
Vodacixi said:

Emm... what do sales have to do with any of these? xDDDDDD

Anyways... I comparing them in terms of development. Xenoblade 2 and X are large open world games that obviously had quite a large development behind them. Also, although they look like they had a big budget behind, they were more of mild tier games in terms of money as said by Takahashi. And those and the expansion were developed in 7-8 years. Two open world games and a 30 hours expansion. And they are not any Jill or Joe open world games: they are regarded as some of the best JRPGs of this generation. Also they are new games, so unlike a remake, they have to do something called conceptual planning, script, music composing from scratch, character design from scratch... things that a remake don't have to do... or can borrow a lot of it from the original game. So no, a remake is not more difficult than a new game. Because remakes, even if they are as ambitious as FF VII, have a basis from where they can start.

Please, try again for a dolar. But do it on private, please. We were already called out by the mods.

You understand right???  that remaking from 2D to a 3D is difficult  on top of that making it "open world" and keeping the stories in tact while building new mechanic, remaking the music and new gameplay mechanic,  is far difficult then making new games, also this games is not just about normal games, FF7 is one of the most influential RPG and most influential games that is very sensitive for some fans and the company?  They are making a new graphic, new level design and everything from scratch based on the old design. 

It's funny how you compare Xenoblade Chronicles to FF7, even in Xenoblade you just have small world and a lot of empty space even Xenoblade X is just a plain big mass of empty space.   

This my final reply to you, if you still don't like it is your opinion 99,99% people is not agreeing with you, so i hope you have a good day. 

XC1 world size = Skyrim world size, compare to FF series, only FFXV is bigger than it. And no one call XC series have empty/small world outside some Square fans on playstation only, i'm really speechless. You could defend FFVIIR all you want, but doing it by attacking XC series with all the ridiculous things here, that is unacceptable. I'm expected better from you, but perhaps my expectation is too much for a FF fan on playstation

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