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zorg1000 said:
forest-spirit said:

Using the Yearly Chart and the Hardware Comparison tools I ended up with this for the US:

End of 2018: 28.248.598

Jan-Aug 2019: 1.733.071

Total: 29.981.669 (as of 31st August 2019)

Thank you! So pretty much right on

Would you be able to do the same for UK. Germany & France?

Unfortunately I couldn't find separate data for those countries, only for Europe as a whole, so all I have are some rough estimates based on marketshare.

  UK Germany France

Total sales as of 29th December 2018 (marketshare in parentheses)

6.284.400 (17%) 6.425.707 (17.4%) 5.105.243 (13.8%)
Total sales for 2018 only (marketshare in parentheses) 1.100.391 (14.7%) 1.162.537 (15.6%) 958.680 (12.8%)
31th August 2019 (using marketshare of total sales as of end of 2018) 6.885.977 7.040.811 5.593.945
31th August 2019 (using marketshare of 2018 only) 6.805.236 6.975.958 5.559.004

The first row is calculated using marketshares as of end of 2018, and for the second one I looked at marketshares for 2018 only. So total sales (according to VGC) for these countries, as of 31 August, could be somewhere around there. Maybe.