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ps3-sales! said:

Okay gotcha. Thanks!

Follow up question, so searching games for example i search Uncharted. It shows, in order of sales/shipments for all uncharted games.

Right now U4 is top of that search with like 10 million, and it says as of last year 2018.

However if i click on U4 it shows a more recent 2019 update, and closer to 16 million. Why is this?

Last official numbers for Uncharted 4, is 16.2+ million back in 31/03/19.
Its been half a year..... its bound to be higher now.

a few of the PS4 exclusives:

The Last Of Us Remastered: 11.8+ million at 31/03/19 (~19m total with PS3 )
Uncharted 4 A Thief's End: 16.2 million at 31/03/19
Spider-Man: 13.2 million at 28/07/19
God Of War: 11 million at 31/03/19
Horizon Zero Dawn: 10 million at 28/02/19
Ratchet & Clank Remake: 4.83 million at 30/06/18
Gran Turismo Sport : 3.38 million at 05/05/18 (as of now ~8 million)
Detroit: Become Human: over 3 million at 29/1/19

Until dawn, and bloodborn did okay too, but cant remember the numbers, and havnt written them down.

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