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Wow so much ignorance on why not make entire game in one go just like the original.. Game development doesn't work that way.. especially when its an RPG. CTR and SoTC are straight forward its point to point remake. If an RPG like FF7 is done like Crash with faster development time, it would still be top down with highly detailed models. and i doubt anybody would have preferred that

But fortunately its 3d third person open world, designing new assets, redesigning old assets, adding voice, make shinra open world, which brings another set of development challenges of populating the city with people and lore other wise it will look life less and dull.

FF15 insomnia city was cut for this same reason as it was getting too big for the game,

P.S. Intially part of FF7 remake was outsourced to CyberConnect, But that had to be terminated as SE was not happy with result and had to restart those portion again intenally