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Hiku said:
Vodacixi said:

Look, if you want to convience yourself that dividing the game into a number of parts it's the best course of action and something you'll enjoy, that's fine. I don't have any problems with people actually liking this way to proceed.

But don't try to convience someone that has made some valid points about why they don't like this situation so vehemently. Because non of what you said counters anything I said.

You made no points about "those reasons being made up by the developers". That's what I said I had an issue with. Not with the idea that this isn't how you would have preferred the game to turn out. I said that's fine and understandable. But the suspicions of foul play have always been baseless to begin with. And the fact that they persist even now when they demonstrate this type of polish going into the game, is one thing I feel is not understandable.

Though I feel that what I said about remaking FF7 with this type of graphical fidelity definitely counters the idea that this game should be plausible on one game just because the original pre-rendered world was. Some games can be remade 1:1 with a reasonable budget for a single game. But for a game like FF7, with such a large scope, that's quite a tall order if they want it to even look anything like the original reveal trailer.

Vodacixi said:
I never said anything about the combat, the duration, or a lack of passion from the developers.

I know. But I mentioned them because they seem to have something in common with your complaint.
That no matter how many times Square address people's concerns, or how many amazing things they show, the negative outlook doesn't stop. You'd think they would start earning some trust points after a while.

1. It's gonna take a LOOOOONG time to get Final Fantasy VII remade in its enterity. Like... it took them 5 years to do the first part and we don't know how many are in the works. So 10 (best case) to 15 years in a worst case scenario in total is not too far fetched.

1.) FF7R reportedly wasn't in full production the whole time. Because of Kingdom Hearts 3. And the split from Cyberconnect2 supposedly delayed the development even further. So even if they started over from scratch on Part 2, it shouldn't take 5 years. And they most likely won't start off from scratch, because now they have the engine built for the most part.

But let me ask you this serious question. Would you rather the game would have come out a few years ago, and (I'm gonna copy/paste some images from my previous post, so I apologize for that) look like this?

Rather than this?

Or this?

Rather than this?

Would you rather play a shittier version in 2017? If the answer is yes, then I have to admit I do find it hard to sympathize with why you wouldn't want the only FF7 Remake we'll ever see in our lifetime (from the original team), to be as good as possible (within reason), until they are satisfied with their results.

2. As such, the upcoming entries will more likely be on next gen machines. So, unless you buy a PS5 or you're playing on PC, you're probably gonna have to buy next gen hardware if you want to have the full Final Fantasy VII Remake experience. Which is, in my opinion, pretty crazy.

Well, I can understand the concern of having to buy new hardware to play a game. But if you're already planning on buying said hardware, then that's different. If you have a PS4, don't you plan on getting a PS5 at some point?

Personally though, I want them to make this game as good as possible (within reason), so moving to PS5 is something I would support.
Because this game means that much to me.

3. We're gonna have to pay two or more full 60 dollar games in order to have the experience that we originally had in one single release.

That's not true though. We're paying for a modernized version of the original experience. And one that is not as easy to glamour up as some other older games that had a much smaller scope. We are also paying for things that were not in the original.

And frankly, that a game that could be developed with significantly less resources 20 years ago retails for the same price as a game like FF7 Remake can be pretty unfair. People still expect to pay no more than $60 no matter what. (The publisher only gets about $20 of that $60, iirc.) And on top of that some people that demand they fit everything from the original game in it for that price as well.

I insist: if non of these are concerns to you, I understand. I'm not taking that away from you. I get you. The game looks insane. Visually amazing, the gameplay looks fresh, original an engaging. The musical arrangements are fabulous and it appears to have tons of content. I get it. It's gonna be a great game. And you're willing to have the game divided into multiple releases if they all are this good and all add enough lore and elements. Awesome, good for you.

But as I said before: UNDERSTAND that there are other people that are concearned by the everything I said. It's not about how good the game is to them. Is about everything else I point out. That's all I ask from all of you.

I did say I understand those things. It was the "I think they're lying" portion that I said I didn't understand.
Though now that you specified some things, I have some questions in order to try to understand some of the things you mentioned.

Pfff... with so many quotes this is rather painful to answer. So it will take some time. Also for the sake of stopping the off-topic, this will be my final words about the episodic nature of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Ok... about the "they are making that up" thing. I still think that's the case. You guys talk about how this game will tell more about Jessie, Biggs and other characters. And you say they do this because they wanted to do it in the original, but they couldn't due to limitations of both hardware and budget/time. And I say I don't believe that. I think those characters were meant to be secondary and writers never really thought about giving them any kind of depth. And I believe the same for anything they'll expand about Midgard in order to give this first "episode" a reasonable amount of content. From my point of view, this is not the developers willing to create their true vision about Final Fantasy VII. This is the developers trying to justify a multiple game release for the remake with, what I think it is, pointless content.

About the remake not being able to fit in a single game... well, maybe if they didn't make Midgar a 60 hour game they could fit it all in one game. Maybe if they sticked to the original script instead of artificially make one tiny section of the original game longer than it was, not because they made the scenarios actual scenarios instead of prerrendered CGI, but because they filled it with things that are totally expendable... then maybe we would have the full Final Fantasy VII story in one game with this kind of graphics, this kind of gameplay and this kind of everything. But without the filler. Sounds great to me. Then again... I respect that you really want this expanded version of Midgar.

About those screenshots and your question... you're showing me a screnshoot of the game in very early development. Almost prototype. In 2015. VS pretty much the release version in 2019. Of course, I don't want a game looking like a prototype. What I want is a full game made in a reasonably amount of time that looks good. And if they sticked to just remaking Final Fantasy VII instead of almost making a reboot, we could have had the visuals on your last screenshot... and the full remake in 2020. But instead, we're going to get Midgar in 2020 and we'll have to wait years for the next entry. Then again, good for you. I don't want this situation.

As for the new hardware part... you're assuming I plan to buy a PS5. That's not the case. I don't plan to buy new hardware for some years. And if I do, it may not be a Playstation. Because Sony is getting away from my tastes more and more with every generation. But that's another story. The point is that you'll have FF VII Remake Part 1 on PS4... and if you want to continue this story, that was originally in a single game, you'll have to buy another console yes, or yes. To me, that's not something positive at all.

And that's all. If you want to continue this conversation or you have more questions for me, please do it on private.

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