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ps3-sales! said:

Okay gotcha. Thanks!

Follow up question, so searching games for example i search Uncharted. It shows, in order of sales/shipments for all uncharted games.

Right now U4 is top of that search with like 10 million, and it says as of last year 2018.

However if i click on U4 it shows a more recent 2019 update, and closer to 16 million. Why is this?

I'm not completely sure since I don't pay attention to it all, but I would guess it's just that the 10 million sales it shows before clicking on Uncharted 4 was the last it was tracked to back when they were doing weekly sales before switching to shipments and I guess it was just left there lol. The shipments are what is current nowadays, so to your previous question then no they are not the same, sales are basically just the old outdated figures, shipments are the new accurate ones that get updated. :P 

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