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cycycychris said:
Chrkeller said:
I never picked up Xenoblade 2, I heard navigation is clumsy and leads to wondering around blindly for too long. But I also heard the navigation system was patched. Any thoughts?

This is the first time I have heard about navigation issues in Xenoblade 2..... So I guess that might answer your question on my feelings :)

But seriously. Xenoblade 2 has a wonderful story and is adorably quirky. It has a great combat system and I was itching to play it everyday. You should get it, you won't regret it. Only complaint from me is that it has pretty bad difficulty spikes at times.

At least you modify the difficulty and change some of the options within a difficulty. Though it hasn't worked for me that much with some of the harder special challenges in Challenge Mode,

especially when trying to challenge Elma the second time. She's brutal!!!!