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routsounmanman said:
Can't wait for the people who played only Xenoblade 2 and thought it was great to actually play this masterpiece. Cannot wait!

To me, XC1 have overall better plot and characters. But character development and romantic relationship? XC1 got nothing on 2. In 1, Shulk is just a revenge guy then befriended his own enemy, while in 2, Rex is a child at the beginning and became a mature guy in the end. Also, Shulk childhood had Fiora, Reyn, Dunban - brother figure and Dickson - father figure, but Rex had really no one and he had to get a job for money since very young age. About relationship, Shulk x Fiora is like 2 scenes only at the seashore, and Rex x Pyra is many scenes from the beginning to the end. Gameplay combat and side quest, 2>1 to majority people. The music is depend on your own preference, so let say they are even. So nope, compared to 2, 1 is better in some ways and worse in others