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I already passed my previous play time of 80 hours in my new save and still have so many things I want to try and find out.

The only negatives I have is that the controls are pretty bad in VR. Immersion is amazing, graphics are good enough, yet for some reason the range of the mining beam is much shorter in VR and you can't use R1 (slam) plus X, to jump forward and glide along at high speed with the jet pack. Pressing X twice for the normal jump forward works but is not as fast, nor effective due to using more fuel and sending you back to the ground. Scanning is bloody difficult in VR due to controller drift and pressing R2 usually makes you lose the target since it's so sensitive. The DS4 continually drifts and needs to be shaken frequently to get the mining beam to point back forward.

Perhaps it works better with move but I would really like to have the exact same controls as without VR, with only the option to aim where you look. Don't fix what aint broken, why do devs always have to change control schemes for VR! Walking around with move still has me traumatized from other games, no thanks. It's also a shame you can't switch from VR to screen and back quickly, that requires the game to restart afaik and thus sit through the long loading screen again. So despite it being amazing in VR, I mostly play it on the tv :/ Control > immersion sadly.

VR first tonight. I'm currently on my freighter and have to figure out which frigate is damaged and fix it then find a Vy'keen weapons expert. Yet back to tv when I have to scan or mine again. It's too painful trying to aim with a DS4, let me aim with my head!