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Chazore said:
SvennoJ said:

I was merely responding to the posts after, I suck at multi quoting :)

So far it's deserved for Star Citizen since there's still not really anything coherent to play after, well I backed it before Elite Dangerous and it still says estimated delivery November 2014...

At least DC, NMS and Elite Dangerous delivered something to expand on. SC keeps expanding without delivering any core game play loop.

My bad, I didn't notice you tried.

Well, you are able to play the game, albeit in an ea format. I remember I had to play Starbound in ea form for 3 and a half years until it reached 1.0, which felt like forever to me, and by then my excitement during it's start to it's 1.0 release had dwindled, this I decided after that and Conan Exiles, to not really bother supporting ea games, and instead opting to wait for other games to reach 1.0 status. 

I just feel like SC could deliver us saturn, mars and Venus, and it still will not be enough for those not interested or involved with backing the game, much like a HL3 scenario, where that too would be made to not live up to expectations. 

I'm happy to just sit and wait for it, while playing other games though. I know what it's trying to aim for, and it's something I've been wanting other AAA pubs to go for, but won't due to wanting to make more and more profit. That being said, Roberts is so very bad at managing his projects and reaching deadlines on time. You should see his movie career and how that flopped, primarily due to his poor budgeting/directing skills. 

The man has vision, but he should really just show us said vision, and let more experienced, more dedicated folk take the wheel, while he oversees the entire project from afar. 

To me, NMS just feels the same as it was during 1.0, some QoL fixes, tiny bit of optimization, but it still feels like it's go here, collect this, research that, only like SB and MC now, where you can build stuff, which is designed to keep you busy/occupied and serves no ultimate purpose outside of giving you a little entertainment. SC is what I want from those games, way more depth, way more complex AI./ I want those worlds to feel very much alive, not static pathed AI and barebones basic depth. I hope next gen ramps up AI tenfold, because if not, I'm going to be that old man going "where's my complex AI at?".

People aren't really interested in complex AI. A couple games have tried and it either inconveniences the player (radiant AI from Oblivion, where has my quest NPC gone off to now) or makes encounters too hard for most players. Complex AI mostly goes unnoticed. The human mind is very good at detecting patterns, but sucks at noticing complex interacting systems. A lot of work for developers with little pay off.

It's the same reason climbable ledges are subtly or less subtly marked, resources always look the same and environments stay predictable. (got to have those chest high walls :/)

What games need is an AI director to notice what keeps you interested and dynamically adjusts the game based on that. Procedural games that read your mind and provide the right variation and challenge for each player. We are still far away from that though.

I'm all for living enduring worlds though. If you settle on a planet it should at least have seasons and react to the effect of multiple suns. Rivers swelling after rain, tides coming in, tidal bore, snow, ice jams and trees actually growing. There's still so much to do to make worlds fully interactive. Yet it mostly comes down to data storage and speed of storage. From dust is what I want for entire worlds, yet our current slow and limited data storage makes that impossible. Static procedural worlds is where we are at. SC's city planet looks very cool but is ultimately the same. I want the landscape to change when I fly over a planet, not be the same wherever you land. Exploring an alien planet should involve more than checking out a square kilometer before moving on to the next planet.

I'll keep dreaming for now. SC is not going to revolutionize living worlds either. For now I'm happily playing NMS again. I'll get bored of it again, fire up ED again for a while, get bored, go back to GTS sport mode.