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poroporo said:
ArchangelMadzz said:
That's not really great for 5G. That's 104 mbps. 4G LTE can theoretically go to about 150.

A good solid 5G connection can get you 30+ MBps on steam so you must be quite far from a 5G Node or have obstacles in the way.

If he's just getting off a 1-3mbps rural connection, he's probably very happy with what he's got. I can get gigabit internet here, but there's no reason unless you're running a business or a bunch of servers.

I get what you're saying. Just saying that those kind of connections (whilst on the top end) have been achievable on 4G LTE for quite a few years. And 5G speeds you expect to see 300-1000 and even higher than that if you're next to a node. 

His speeds show the issue with 5G that unless Nodes are around up the ass in your area you're just not gonna get the speeds that go with the very enhanced cost of 5G connections and hardware. 

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