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Alex_The_Hedgehog said:

New Super Mario Bros. U snow levels, with the starry backgrounds, are so beautiful!

Its really generic isnt it? Thats the best designed "snow" element area, you 've seen in a game?

Ka-pi96 said:
Snowpoint City and the routes around it in Pokemon Platinum.

I just really liked that area, it looked awesome to walk around in and I just generally love snowy places in games too

I can respect this for its spirtes.... not visually a hugely impressive snow/winter level though.

Machina said:

God of War's crunchy snow is pretty damn satisfying to walk through and marvel at.

Horizon Zero Dawn's Frozen Wilds expansion is the best part of the game imo. It's got a similar level of detail to God of War's, although not quite as good. But the atmosphere as a whole is stronger and there's great use of colour.

^ a real answear.

Esp in God of War.