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Azzanation said:
thismeintiel said:

Someone needs to learn some math skills.  There have been only two consoles since I have been here, 360 and XBO, soon to be a third one.  And yes, I did make a Kinect prediction, which turned out correct, like many of my others regarding new versions of XBox HW.  The Kinect didn't help the XBO's situation, soon to be a very distant 3rd.  The S didn't help its situation.  The X didn't help its situation.  Hell, being $100 cheaper than the PS4 couldn't even help its situation.  What I got wrong was predicting that the XBO would be their last console, hence the 0 of 1.  Now, I believe that the Scarlett will be if they have another similar situation to the XBO.  Personally, I think it will turn out worse.  MS seems to think that may happen, as well, considering they want Gamer Pass on Switch and PS4/5.

What do you consider worse?

If Scarlett sells less but makes more money, is that a failure to you?

In what situation would that happen?  If the Scarlett sells worse, then that is fewer consumers to sell to.  If Xbox makes more money next gen in that scenario, it wouldn't be because of the Scarlett, it would be from them expanding their services to other platforms.