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LudicrousSpeed said:
thismeintiel said:

Not really big in name, either, but I digress. 

And here's an important lesson going forward, reiterating the same prediction in different threads does not make it a new prediction in each thread.

Awesome lesson friend but it doesn’t apply here when you made predictions regarding four different consoles 👍 Actually you just made a Scarlett one in this thread, so make that five consoles. Hell you probably predicted it about Kinect, too 🤣

Someone needs to learn some math skills.  There have been only two consoles since I have been here, 360 and XBO, soon to be a third one.  And yes, I did make a Kinect prediction, which turned out correct, like many of my others regarding new versions of XBox HW.  The Kinect didn't help the XBO's situation, soon to be a very distant 3rd.  The S didn't help its situation.  The X didn't help its situation.  Hell, being $100 cheaper than the PS4 couldn't even help its situation.  What I got wrong was predicting that the XBO would be their last console, hence the 0 of 1.  Now, I believe that the Scarlett will be if they have another similar situation to the XBO.  Personally, I think it will turn out worse.  MS seems to think that may happen, as well, considering they want Gamer Pass on Switch and PS4/5.