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LudicrousSpeed said:
DonFerrari said:

Would say those predictions would hold more water than several of the sales one done for X1 the start of the gen, don't remember you mocking those. Also don't remember you having a fork to pitch against a fellow Xbox fan that said for him the best PS4 game was God of War with a solid 7.5 score.

The first part of that is nonsense and irrelevant. As if I know and partook in every sales prediction at the start of this gen.

The last part is baffling. Why do I care what some “Xbox fan” thought of GoW? I don’t browse GoW threads, am I supposed to keep tabs on what every single “Xbox fan” thinks of every single game 😆

Love how you like to classify things you don't want to reply as nonsense.

You are very fast on name call others console warriors when you see MS being attacked, don't remember seeing you doing the same when PS is attacked.

I quite remember you being on the thread, it wasn't a GoW one by the way. Same as I remember you usually qualifying Sony games very low compared to even games not much very well regarded by most on Xbox. Wouldn't put behind you to evaluate Crackdown 3 above God of War.

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