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thismeintiel said:
LudicrousSpeed said:
Big releases = big in name, not in size. Ori isn’t a AAA title and isn’t big in size but they aren’t porting Will of the Wisps to Switch or PS4. Again, applying context and common sense to interviews and posts on this forum helps a lot, but I know it does hurt the conspiracy potential for console warz. So I get it I guess.

Still dying at the fact that you’re claiming to have only predicted Microsoft will stop making consoles one time 😆😆😆

Not really big in name, either, but I digress. 

And here's an important lesson going forward, reiterating the same prediction in different threads does not make it a new prediction in each thread.

Awesome lesson friend but it doesn’t apply here when you made predictions regarding four different consoles 👍 Actually you just made a Scarlett one in this thread, so make that five consoles. Hell you probably predicted it about Kinect, too 🤣