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pitzy272 said:
DonFerrari said:

Spiderman 1 was already on the stelar level. So they have already step up. Sony being with them will make it constant.

I personally disagree. Spider-Man 1 was undoubtedly a good game, but IMO it was not on the level of “stellar” or “amazing.” I think the fact that it’s a Spider-Man game created a tendency for people to like it more and give it more passes for its shortcomings.

HollyGamer said:

By fact means on historical sales figures, brand recognition  and big company like Microsoft appraisal and Facebook is alone make this already refutable fact not include metacritic and all score critique even before meta critique exist. Boooom 

I’m a PlayStation fan, but come on, do you have to bash the competition to celebrate the good news for PS?

My personal opinion and the critical acclaim put it on the same level of stellar games. But we don't need to discuss that. I agree there is potential to improve now that they are first party.

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