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If I still gave a fart about the MCU, I'b be PISSED! Anyway, as a Sony fanboy, and someone who is no fan of Disney: Fuck Disney! Just in general. Fuck their cinematic pablum. Fuck their identity politics. Fuck their weak-ass, creatively bankrupt remakes. Fuck their monolithic presence in the world of entertainment. Yeah! Vinland Saga!

As for the business end of this as it concerns Sony......It's an iffy move. However, if people like the movies, I don't think it's going to matter much if Falcon doesn't have a cameo in the next movie. Or whoever. Most of the integration with the rest of the MCU would have been mostly fluff until the next big story convergence, which is a ways away. Hopefully the MCU train will have pile-driven into the valley by then.

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