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Barkley said:

FloatingWaffles said:

Tbh yeah you're probably right and my first comments are a bit reactionary, this is just news I wasn't expecting and it really does fuck over all of what was put into place the past few years. I have to wonder what Sony thinks is the current plan here though. Do they think people will be interested in a non-MCU Spider-man movie when the character's arc was literally built around being in the MCU with people like Iron Man? I certainly won't be.   

I'm not sure they even have a plan at this point. As long as they don't do another reboot, that would be insane, and hillarious. It's also possible that one of them will cave and a new deal will be struck.

Which is what I'm really hoping for! I mean, if Disney can backtrack on James Gunn and reinstate him, they can go back to how things were with the Sony deal, right? Obviously a lot more is at stake here, but it was working for them, why fuck it up?!