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FloatingWaffles said:
Barkley said:

Just because they didn't want to lose their grip on it further doesn't mean they don't recognise the role marvel played. They can recognise that Spiderman would be much bigger with Marvel support while also not wanting to agree to hand over more.

It sucks for consumers but it's business, and neither party takes the full blame. Disney wanted more, Sony didn't want to give them more.

Tbh yeah you're probably right and my first comments are a bit reactionary, this is just news I wasn't expecting and it really does fuck over all of what was put into place the past few years. I have to wonder what Sony thinks is the current plan here though. Do they think people will be interested in a non-MCU Spider-man movie when the character's arc was literally built around being in the MCU with people like Iron Man? I certainly won't be.   

I'm not sure they even have a plan at this point. As long as they don't do another reboot, that would be insane, and hillarious. It's also possible that one of them will cave and a new deal will be struck.

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