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curl-6 said:
HoloDust said:

Yeah, not the only one.

While I think what they've managed to pull off is a feat in its own, I find this approach to porting such a terrible practice.

I know there are people around here who haven't played the game that are excited for this port, but, if you have the option, do yourself a favour and play it somewhere else if you're really interested in the game.

Some folks might want to play it in handheld form though.

As someone who only plays docked and has this pre-ordered, I'm fine with how it looks. I've thoroughly enjoyed games that looked worse.

I'm one of those who don't quite understand playing this type of games in handheld mode, however I do recognize there are people who want that (for whatever reason).

As for docked...as I said, if there is an option to play it somewhere else, do yourself a favour...you will like (or not) the game on its own merits either way, but this version, no matter how much devs have put effort in it, doesn't look very good.