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Bandorr said:
Okay, now Sony need to work with Remedy and Platinum.
If PS5 has SSO/Alan wake 2/quantum break 2(not actually sure who owns that IP) and Scalebound - or really any dragon riding based RPG - I will laugh.

Quantum Break is completely Microsoft's IP, Alan Wake was always Remedy's IP just MS had publishing rights much like Sunset Overdrive.

shikamaru317 said:
Shiken said:

Gonna pretend Sunset Overdrive never happened?

Actually, Sony was Insomniac's first choice to publish Sunset, but Sony turned it down. That is why Insomniac shopped the idea around to 3rd party publishers and MS, and MS ultimately chose to greenlight it.

If I remember correctly the problem was that Sony wanted ownership of the IP and Insomniac wanted to keep it themselves and then they struck a deal with MS so they could keep the IP and MS had publishing rights.