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Azzanation said:
CGI-Quality said:

Considering it was you who called something 'eye-popingly better', this should have been left out of the post. In reality, you don't have to be an eye optometrist (a term you're using out of place as it is) to give a view on something.

As far as who you can 'educate', what exactly do you think it is you can teach someone in here? 

Okay, I obviously used the wrong term here. Eye popping to me is that I can notice a difference easily without going into a in-depth look, that wasn't meant to come across as a worlds difference, but I can personally tell switching back and forth my resolutions on my TV that it isn't something I need a magnified glass to see. So ill take it back and say, 1440p to 4k is noticeable but not a worlds difference if that makes things better.  

That last part of your post wasn't meant for you.

Fair enough.