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LudicrousSpeed said:

Interview reads more like it’s Microsoft who will be prioritizing frame rate over graphics, which makes more sense. They’ll nail it. Look at Scorpio. So much talk about how it would barely see native 4k games since the Pro was struggling to produce many at all and Scorpio ended up getting a ton of them. 

BC is another interesting tidbit from that interview. Apparently they’re going to continue expanding the BC of older games on Scarlett? I was under the assumption they closed BC down. I guess that was just for this gen. And wow controllers are going to be BC? I guess I forgot about that. That’s amazing because the Xbone pad is my favorite ever, just ahead of DC.

The flagship games of MS would probably benefit more from 60fps than majority of 3rd party games so it makes sense for them to focus on it even if just at the start of the gen. And even if MS considers it very important it would be almost impossible to mandate 3rd parties to make all games 60fps.

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