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forevercloud3000 said:
  • For would be Switch fans that were seemingly breadcrumbed and teased a Persona title, Atlus has 0 plans to bring it to any other devices. I don't think it would be so bad If they didn't red herring everyone with Scramble, knowing they thought it was traditional P5.

That Atlus would brand one of the games as "Switch", does not make sense for a game that was announced around the same time as Royal.
If the game is identical to Royal, they'd simply call it Royal. Unless there was substantially different content, but the announcement window of the game suggested that's not the case.

I can understand if people didn't consider this, or thought it would be a Switch version of the original game. But to blame Atlus for that as if Switch has a monopoly on the letter 'S' is silly.

As for the cons, that the DLC items can't be used in this game doesn't sound good. But as for the price, they said it's because this version of the game has substantially more new content than a traditional second version of a Persona game. I guess we'll see how. But since I know it's such a good game already, I probably won't mind.

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