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Chrkeller said:
I just finished Chapter 9 at 20 hours. But I spent a lot of time upfront executing all the exploration and dialogues. I plan on dialling that back significantly. It just (IMHO) distracts from the game. Skipping those does effect the game, but I simply cannot spend so much time on what I consider tedious and boring.

It's fine, you're suppose to play you see fit in the first place, otherwise it sure would be no fun, but still I think you didn't do much honestly if you've clocked a playtime like that already.

Did you only do the mandatory battle at the end of each month or are you also doing the side quests battles and paralogues ? I wouldn't be surprised if your team was underleved or couldn't pass the certifications requirements to upgrade their class since you don't do much activities affecting your professor level and the students motivation.

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