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colafitte said:
Wyrdness said:

The problem is you didn't really say much to begin with and ignored certain factors with your post like how on Switch third parties don't need nearly as many sales as they do on other platforms which is why third party support keeps growing and why companies like Bethesda keep releasing games on the platform as well as a lot of games coming from indie developers or being AA. It's not hard to see why he didn't get what ever it is you're trying to say because Nintendo's platforms don't rely on third parties and haven't in a very long time so the double edged sword you try to paint here doesn't really exist as GC had more support than both N64 and Wii and sold less than both its always been the concept of the platform that has sold it the first party games then end up selling well because they tend to be built around the said concept of utilize its features and if the concept is appealing the platform does well which causes a situation third parties can't afford to ignore.

Well, i guess i get your points, but i definitively disagree. It's a matter of perspective i guess. For the people that have loved Nintendo games since chilhood my comment must sound stupid. From someone who grew up playing PC games and then PS games, i never felt the need to buy a Nintendo home console. Luckily i had friends over the years that had allowed me to play Nintendo games on their consoles. I loved every main Zelda i played (i finished most of them), i liked a lot each Mario (Galaxy 1 and 2 are masterpieces), Pokemon, DK and Metroid i played. I never cared about Mario Kart or Smash Bros and i still don't.

In my case, (as many other people i suspect because i can't be the only one) i would love to play Zelda BOTW or Mario Odyssey on my own console, but that's just 2 games. Having ports of great old games that have never been on Switch is not a plus for me at all. Indie games are on PC and PS4 too so if i want to play them i can access them whenever i want. Some of my favorite Japanese franchises doesn't appear at all on Switch (Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid, ....) I like Western games as much as Japanese games, but there's an absolute lack of new Western games on Switch. Just for that a Switch is an automatic No for me, and when i see the lack of support from the big japanese and western developers in 2019, i can feel it won't get any better on 2020, 2021 and in the future.

I'm pretty sure there's a lot of people that has been feeling like this with Nintendo for years or decades. Nintendo seems to not want to convince people like me to buy one of their consoles. 

That's what i ultimately tried to say,  that..., yes Nintendo doesn't need 3rd party games to be succesful but that I need 3rd party games to buy a Nintendo console. I want their Nintendo exclusives and the 3rd Party support with new GTA's, COD's, Assassin's Creeds, Final Fantasy's, Resident Evil's, ...

That's what my "mixed impression" really meant. I can't deny this formula works wonders for Nintedo but this was not the directon i wanted for Switch, completely egoistically speaking. Switch has ended being another N64, another Wii, ... instead of the true SNES successor i really wanted. That and the fact that i really believe basing your success only in your first gaming lineup is more risky than having an extended, varied 3rd party supported library of games.

I guess this is the most sincere post i ever put here, but i'm pretty sure it will still annoy somebody......

I for one appreciate your candor.  You are a fan of a certain style of game and have certain expectations for your gaming experiences. For you those experiences happen on the Playstation.  The issue I take is for people to keep demanding that Nintendo jump through their hoops to win them back, while the other companies don't even try to court the average Nintendo gamer.  Nintendo is at least trying in their own way to reach as many people as possible within their own obviously limiting architecture.  It's almost a miracle what they've been able to do this time around and sometimes it just sucks when people still go to the old arguments of declaring them difficult to work with.  

The days of the SNES are long, long gone.  At that point there were two major console manufacturers and Nintendo were of course the go-to console of choice for third parties.  They obviously made several blunders in that era, leading as we all know to the creation of Nintendo's biggest rival, Sony. I don't think I have any beef with your personally, or your statement.  I was simply responding to the cliche, and you can't deny that it is one.  And I'm not saying the statement is without merit, but at some point we have to at least give Nintendo some credit for playing well with others.  And while I was once an avid Playstation gamer, sadly they've left my gaming tastes behind and it's be, as you put it, egotistical for me to suggest that catering to my cartoony, silly tastes to win back my loyalty.  Each of these manufacturers have found a pretty substantial portion of the market and for us gamers it's just a win-win-win situation.  And yes, sometimes you'll have to drop down some cash to buy a console for one game.  I swear if Sony ever decides to have Naughty Dog revisit Jak and Daxter like the good 'ol days you'd see me paying a premium for the experience.