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Alby_da_Wolf said:
Nope. I could wait for a PS5 Hybrid, anyhow, while GPU isn't a problem, graphics can scale down when undocked, to get the necessary CPU power on a mobile chip at a low enough power consumption Sony will have to wait at least for a mature enough Zen 3 tech, if not even later.

You have it the other way around. The Jaguar CPUs could easily fit into a tablet or even a portable... they were actually designed for it. But the GPU, even if we are talking about playing the same games at a lower resolution (which would demand they are all individually patched) and using AMD's newer architectures and manufacturing processes, this is some 15 - 20 Watts here (being very optimistic here). That's the GPU alone, and twice as much as the power consumption of an average tablet SoC. Not feasible unless you want batteries lasting less than an hour of gameplay, and possibily overheating hardware.