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Hello VGChartz community!

It's been about 1.5 years since we last opened up applications for writing staff. With some departures and with our yearly GOTY write-ups on the horizon, it's time for recruitment once again. 

This time around, we are looking particularly for review and features writers. If you love to play and analyze games and/or you have a lot fun op-ed ideas bouncing around in your head, we hope you will submit an application. As a writer you'll have the opportunity to contribute to this site and community, broadcast your reviews on OpenCritic, and also earn money based on article traffic (please note that pay is relatively modest).

If you're interested in applying to become a writer, please send an email to me, Evan Norris, at enorris@vgchartz.com and Craig Snow at csnow@vgchartz.com. Use the subject line "VGChartz Writer Application" and please include the following:

  • Your VGChartz username
  • A little bit about yourself
  • Platforms you own
  • 1-2 review samples

The deadline to apply is August 2, 2019. Good luck!


Do I need to be published to apply?

No previous professional writing experience is required.

What should a sample review look like?

They can be short, but try to stick with the typical formula: an intro, a body with the meat of your argument, and a conclusion. We really want to see your style and your command of the language. The more content to evaluate, the better.

How are reviews assigned?

Craig, our Editor-in-Chief, posts a thread with the marquee games in a given month. Writers then post the games they wish to play, in order of preference, identifying those titles they plan to buy and those they hope to secure via review codes/copies. Games are assigned based on this process. When two or more writers request the same game, the writer who was not approved gets priority for the next conflict.

Would I be getting review copies/codes ahead of time?

Sometimes, yes. Smaller, independent studios are more likely to send review codes.

How much time does a writer have to review a newly released games?

We ask that a review is published no later than 30 days from launch. We can make exceptions for longer games, like RPGs.

What is the team's review scoring scale?

Check out our scoring methodology here

Is VGChartz on review aggregators?

We are featured on OpenCritic, but not MetaCritic.

What kind of features can I write?

Anything video-game related. It could be a top 10 list, a retrospective, an interview, or an opinion piece about the state of the industry. Check out some examples here. As long as it doesn't duplicate or infringe on another ongoing article series, let your imagination run wild.

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