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I wanna get hyped for Thor 4 being a thing, because it might just mean Thor isn't in GotG Vol. 3, but... I still think the worst would happen. After all, when these storylines were originally conceived, GotG Vol. 3 was going to come out in 2020, so it'd probably address Thor anyway. Ugh. Really hope this doesn't happen.

Other than that, I'm as excited as I thought I'd be. Not really in the mood for more MCU after Endgame, I'm hyped for the stuff I already cared about - Black Widow, Doctor Strange, Guardians and Black Panther - not very interested in the new stuff. But, maybe if those looks interesting when trailers or reviews start coming out, they'll pull me back in.

Also, what's up with Wanda and Vision series being set after Endgame? If they bring him back that's just gonna suck. Should've been set before Infinity War, but, oh well, I guess I don't care much.