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hunter_alien said:
Said this before, and I am going to tell it again. If MS does not manage to get their shit together next-gen, the Xbox brand is good as dead and will follow Nokia and Windows (for mobile) into the grave. No amount of second-rate studio purchase will mend the damage that was done in the past 7-8 years.

Yeah but at this point is getting silly, the original xbox lost a ton of money so they will go out of the console business, early years of Xbox 360 RROD made them lose a lot of money they will cancel the X360 soon it is the next dreamcast, end of X360 sure they made some money with Kinect but lost the hardcore gamers next xbox is the last one, Early xbox one years, it is selling horrible and the WiiU is going to outsell it....yup their will be no new console.  At some point you probably be right but it seems the money them make is not from the console but with GOLD/Gamepass and the 15 studios makes the future interesting atleast especially if more studios will join.