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flashfire926 said:
Seems in line with what you would expect at the end of the console generation.

Sony don't give revenue figures for hardware (as far as I can tell) just shipments. But in Q4 2018/2019 they shipped 2.6m consoles, compared to 2.5m in Q4 2017/2018.

So for the same quarter PlayStation was probably down anywhere from 0% to 15% depending on how much less they charged retailers and pro to standard ratio. Xbox's drop to a crawl of 42k on VGC Weekly sales doesn't seem typical just because the end of the generation is drawing near.

Predictions (Made July 2019)

LTD: PS4 - 130m, Switch - 110m, XBO - 52m       2019 : PS4 - 15m, Switch - 18.8m, XBO - 4.8m        2020: Switch - 22m (Peak Year)