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EricHiggin said:

Prejudice - a preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.

Oh goody, you were able to google up the word prejudice.  Hey, I can do the same here is another definition see if you like this one better

Racial prejudice can be defined by either making an adverse judgement or opinion based on race or having an irrational hatred or suspicion based on racial or religious group's stereotypes. Racial prejudice in society has the potential to be a damaging factor in even the most normal settings.

Leave and do good things and then come back with something useful that will be helpful? That's what prejudice people say? On Earth?

LEAVE is the first and prominent word.  Meaning that they must first abandon their post and position which they earned.  So non prejudice people tell others to go somewhere else with their ideals and make it work instead of the place they were born and raise??  You tell me how that sounds because to me we still on point as being prejudice. 

Does Trump like Germany? Does he think Germany is a better country than America and that America should implement some of it's policies?

Who cares if Trump like Germany.  No one asked him to leave America and go back there so this is very pointless.

Why would telling an American to go back to their country be prejudice if you were using reason or experience in your remark? What about the black guy and his neighborhood? Why would you tell someone to go back home for no reason whatsoever? Maybe because you're a racist or nationalist possibly?

Hmmmm, did you not just answer this question.  Why would anyone ask an American to go back to their country when their country is America.  Maybe if the individual was thinking in a racial prejudicial manner the answer bubbles up to the surface.  Did you just agree with me here.  It sure seems like it.  Thanks.

I don't agree you can necessarily be both stupid and prejudice. If someone is too stupid to know the difference between something, how can you say they are prejudice and be mad at them for that?

What???  Because someone doesn't know they are prejudice then its ok.  I have no ideal where you are going with this line of thought.

Trump isn't basing what he said on reason or experience? Sure you're not talking about some of the things said to or about Trump?

You need to dig a little more into the term prejudice then just that small definition.

Of course he is. If someone had children, and those children were clearly well off overall, and all they did was complain about how their family sucked so much, are you telling me the parents should just put up with it and accept it? I don't know about you, but I'd teach those ungrateful kids a lesson. The sooner they learn, the less harsh you'd have to be. Some people never seem to learn though...

So you are comparing these 4 congresswomen as Trump children.  I believe this analogy totally misses the mark.

He told them to leave and come back, since they are so great they will easily make another country better off than America with their idea's and can rub it in Trumps face when they return. Problem is that would never happen even if they tried and everyone knows it.

So basically you agree that what he did was insult these women.  I guess you will not admit he used racial prejudicial tone to make his point but the end result is that's exactly what he did.

I should think long and hard about Trump not telling himself to leave the country? W.T..F...?

No, you should think long and hard about the context of Trump message and how its another way he divide this nation.  Either way, I am sure you will ignore it since you favor his brand of division.

How do you know this about Epstein? You mean like if you ask God for forgiveness, that the next time you sin you're done for good? Or do you continually get the chance to confess and be forgiven, only to sin again because you are a human that makes mistakes? Now you may sin more often and be a worse human because of that overall, but it doesn't negate any good you've done. It does make it much tougher to see the person in a positive light the more serious their sins though.

Do you believe you can come to GOD and say "Look GOD, I killed this person but I also Donated to Charity"  am I still a good person.  Does the worth of one action offset another.  You still continue to leave out motive and without that very key element it changes whether something someone does that happens to be good was done for good intentions.