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I had this a while ago, replaced a stick with a cheapo one from Amazon or Ebay, they have tiny ribbon cables inside which a heavy hand could damage, but if you know anyone in your family or friends who deals with IT support of laptops or mobile devices ask them to do it for you, will set you back 3-5e rather than 40 for a new JoyCon

Also I will mention that I replaced my left joycon with this amazing one by Hori about a year ago and haven't went back since, it has a lovely big dpad rather than the buttons of the standard Joycon, it doesn't have wireless of any kind though and it has no rumble so if that's a negative for you keep in mind that there's a few limits to this, but they're rather cheap, come in Zelda, Mario and a Pikachu edition, really worth checking out if you want a Joycon with Dpad and they're made by Hori, the company who made the GC SNES controllers as well as many other cool pads over the years.


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