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zorg1000 said:
The_Liquid_Laser said:
I think Switch can sell about 25m in 2019, assuming they are able to manufacture and ship that much. Not sure how many the PS4 will sell though. I think Switch will be above PS4 by at least 10m though. So Switch by 10-15m.

That's ridiculous

I still stand by my prediction.  

As StarDoor said, if current trends continue Switch will be 20.2m and PS4 will be 13.6m.  That puts up Switch by 6.6m.  Now when you factor in both Switch's upcoming software schedule and the new hardware model, I think being 10m+ ahead is pretty reasonable.

I am still very confident in my 25m prediction for Switch.  The only thing that can kill my "10-15m ahead" prediction is if Sony issues a major permanent price cut.  Still no word if they are going to do this or not.