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mZuzek said:
StarDoor said:

Uh... it really doesn't look that way. Switch is up YoY by 23.9%, while PS4 is down YoY by 24.7%. If those YoY changes hold for the rest of the year, Switch will be at 20.2 million and PS4 will be at 13.6 million.

Last year, PS4 sold 2.12 million more units than Switch did in the first half, but Switch actually sold 0.45 million more in the second half. If Switch is already ahead in the first half of 2019, it's going to be ahead by an even greater margin in the second half because its sales are more concentrated in the holidays than PS4's. 70% of Switch's 2018 sales were in the second half, versus only 61% of PS4's 2018 sales.

This. Never mind the Switch Lite.

Edit: also, hi StarDoor! It's been a while

Oh yeah, definitely. Even before the Lite's announcement, the signs were pointing to a Switch blowout. A new model just seals the deal.

And hi to you too, mZuzek! I've been busy for a few months, but I haven't forgotten about you guys.