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Azuren said:
curl-6 said:

No game released before BOTW really does this though. Sure, plenty of its forebears have physics, some even quite complex and awesome, but none of them wove both physics and chemistry together in a way that's truly organic and intuitive. Take the example I detailed above, in what older game would that happen?

Okami. Fire burns trees and ice, as well as lights torches. Water extinguishes fire and fills containers. Wind moves round objects, blows out fire, moves fans, and affects enemies. Then there are slashing maneuvers, bombs, sprouting trees, time dilation, changing the time of day by moving the position of the sun/moon or swapping them out... And these are all physics that can be used at any point in the games limited open world.

No, it isn't as organic as BotW, but it's also, what, ten years older? 

Look, dude, I'm gonna be the last person you'll ever see criticize Okami, but... you really can't compare its physics to Breath of the Wild. Like, just, don't.