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Better battery, smaller, cheaper... very nice.
They changed it too much tho, and by that I mean not using joycons anymore.
It's not like it is a great controller or pair... but games have been built around how it works.
I for the one got a New 2DS, as 3D was a gimmick and not one I personally like.
But joycons affect actual gameplay, how to play and perform game actions... and that's a meaningful loss.
I think I'm still leaning more towards the Lite than the Switch, but as I'm sure the grey market Lite (the only option other than importing myself and pay double the price) will take some good time to get priced decently here as it is to you guys, I'll have some time to think about it.
I have to say the colors are quite washed out in those Lite options... the original Neon puts all of them to shame as far as looking good goes.

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