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I think it's a good idea if there are a lot of people that just want to use it handheld, and I know there are, as multiple surveys have shown that the original Switch had about as many exclusively home console users as exclusively handheld users, with most using both form factors. Japan especially will probably love this version. That said it's not really for me. I'm thinking about maybe getting one for my girlfriend, though, as she can certainly play on my Switch but might appreciate having one of her own. If you want to have multiple Switches in a single household, this is a decent way to finance that, as you can have a "family" Switch of the flagship version, and multiple "kid" Switches of the Lite version for each kid. Hopefully they interconnect really well. I haven't ever actually tried to connect my Switch with another one, but you can use multiple Switches for local multiplayer so the Lite might be useful for that sort of play. The flagship Switch will be the one broken out at parties, while the Lite will be the one that's easy to carry around with you when you know it'll just be you or someone else with a Switch that you want to connect with for a quick multiplayer match.