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Friday news, part two:

PUBG has been banned in Jordan, with Fortnite expected to follow
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has been banned by Jordan's Telecommunication Regulatory Commission, with six other games, including Fortnite, expected to join it soon. Like other instances where the battle royale has been banned, vague concerns about the "negative impact" have been tossed around.

Feast your eyes on the Greedfall release date trailer
I have middling hopes for Spiders' upcoming RPG Greedfall. On one hand, it's built on a conventional but still risky concept—colonization—that could lead into genuinely interesting and morally complex stories that haven't really been told before. But on the other, Spiders is one of the most consistently 6/10 studios in the business, with stuff like Technomancer, Bound by Flame, Mars: War LogsGray Matter bucked the trend, but it's an adventure. Its games aren't bad, generally speaking, but they're "rough," as Fraser put it, and typically "don't live up to their ambitions."

Overwatch's next hero will arrive a bit later than expected
In a developer update today, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan shed a bit of light on the game's upcoming content schedule. Specifically, Kaplan said that the next Overwatch hero will be arriving a bit later than expected.

Monster Hunter: World is getting an improved gathering hub and the Glavenus
Capcom has released a new developer diary video diving into the upcoming Monster Hunter: World expansion Iceborne. The video touches on a number of additions and changes coming in the update, most important among them a new and improved Gathering Hub, Seliana.

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord's multiplayer class system explained
The Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord multiplayer closed beta finally got underway a couple of weeks ago, and today developer Taleworlds decided to talk a bit about what's going on. A new update posted to Steam digs into the details of the game's multiplayer class system, which enables players to gear up in preset infantry, ranged, or cavalry-based loadouts before spawning.

The secret to Warframe's ship-to-ship space combat is that the ship doesn't actually move
Math is hard, but Space Math is even harder. If you can imagine all the complex physics calculations that go into moving a videogame character around a 3D space, think about how much harder it would be if that level was also moving around a 3D space. That's the conundrum Digital Extremes was facing when it first conceived of ship-to-ship space combat almost ten years ago—a problem it finally managed to solve in Warframe's upcoming Empyrean update.

The Bard's Tale 4 Director's Cut is coming in August
The Bard's Tale 4: Barrows Deep was one of my favorite games from 2018, and I wrote a glowing review to prove it. In August it will get even better as The Bard's Tale 4 Director's Cut, which was announced in February, will go live.

Ubisoft's putting a stop to Assassin's Creed Odyssey farming quests
Assassin's Creed Odyssey's Story Creator mode is a neat editor that lets you design and share quests using some of the same tools employed to build the game. Pretty quickly, players realised they could also use it to farm XP, as well as cash, with minimal effort. Not for much longer, however, as Ubisoft wants to put a stop to it.

G2A proposes a key-blocking tool as a solution to fraud
Developers and publishers have been butting heads with key reseller G2A this month, criticising the company for allegedly facilitating the sale of illegally obtained game keys. G2A's attempts to smooth things over only seemed to incense its critics on Twitter, but it's giving it another shot, proposing a solution that will block keys from sale.

SCUM is going a bit Robin Hood with its impressive archery system
SCUM, the multiplayer survival sandbox, takes archery very seriously. Sure, the latest development video describes an arrow as looking like a "big pink dildo", but the level of detail in its archery system honestly seems astounding. It's definitely a lot more complicated than pointing and shooting.

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